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Straighten the Myth of Dirty Blood

Blood that comes out during menstruation is often considered dirty blood by the public. In addition, dirty blood is often associated as a cause of ulcers and acne. Actually, these conditions are not related to dirty blood. In contrast to the assumption of dirty blood in the community, medically called dirty blood is blood that contains metabolic waste products from body tissues, one of which is carbon dioxide. Clean blood contains high oxygen, while dirty blood no longer contains oxygen (deoxygenated blood). The blood flows from the entire body to the heart, and from the heart to the lungs to obtain oxygen. Then, again flowed to the heart and throughout the body. Interference with this process is generally related to heart abnormalities. Medical Conditions Attributed to Dirty Blood There is no medical evidence which states that dirty blood causes various health problems. The following are health conditions that are often killed with dirty blood: Menstruation Women who are m
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How to Educate Children to Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy life can be started from a diet that is formed from daily habits. Then, how to educate children to want to implement healthy eating habits? The disease often starts from bad habits, including unhealthy eating patterns. Familiarize children recognize the types of food is one way to educate children to want to eat healthy foods. Teach Children Healthy Foods Eating a variety of food groups is the key for a child's body to get complete nutrition. Choosing to eat certain types of food and rejecting other foods risks making the child's body lack nutrition. At mealtime, teach children to understand the benefits of each type of food at the dinner table. Although he may not necessarily listen, but that does not mean your explanation in vain. Make sure, children know that the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables play a role in maintaining healthy skin. You can also emphasize to him that healthy food plays an important role in making the body taller and more agile when on

Although Making Bloated Stomach, The Benefits Of Cabbage Turns Many Lo

Cabbage is a green or purple leafy vegetable of the type Brassica oleracea. Apparently, the benefits of cabbage or vegetables which are also called cabbage are very much. Cabbage is one type of Brassica vegetables that are easily found everywhere. Biologically, cabbage is still associated with broccoli, cauliflower and kale. Like other vegetables, cabbage is full of nutrients the body needs. Cabbage contains vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folate, carbohydrates, protein, manganese, fiber, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B1 (thiamine). A number of other micronutrients in small amounts such as vitamin A, iron, and riboflavin are also contained in cabbage. Consuming 50 grams of cooked cabbage can even meet about 54 percent of daily vitamin C needs. These vegetables are also low in calories and contain almost no fat. In addition, cabbage contains antioxidants, such as polyphenols, flavonoids, and anthocyanins. These nutritious compounds are more contained in purple cabbage

Food Recipe for Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Like adults, children with diabetes must also regulate the intake of food consumed so that blood sugar levels remain well controlled. Parents need to pay attention to what can be consumed by children, of course by processing children's food recipes that remain delicious. Many diabetic children's food recipes are easy to make. You just need to know what your child likes so that the food you make can suit his appetite. Diabetes is a disease in which the level of blood sugar in a person's body is very high. This disease is divided into two, namely type 1 and 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is caused by a pancreas that cannot produce insulin at all. While type 2 diabetes is caused by insufficient insulin produced by the pancreas or body cells do not react to insulin. Of the two types of diabetes, type 1 diabetes affects most children. This means children must be given regular insulin injections. In children with type 1 diabetes, patterns and eating times must be highly conside

Cook With Your Child Has Many Benefits

Cook yourself at home has many benefits for all family members. One of them is to make all family members consume foods that can be ascertained the value of nutrition, cleanliness, and health. In addition to the benefits above, cooking food at home makes children and adolescents avoid the risk of obesity. Self-produced foods from home kitchens are also generally guaranteed to be healthier with lower calorie content compared to snacks outside the home. Surprising benefits when cooking with your child Not only is it fun and it strengthens the bond between Mother and Baby, there are many benefits that can be obtained by the Little One when cooking with Mother, including: Build confidence and cooking skills Cooking with children turns out to be beneficial for their lives later. They will find it easier to build self-confidence and have a healthy lifestyle as adults. Cooking can also be used as a skill that promises their future. Stimulates the senses Cook with your little one a

Stop using baby walkers if you don't want the baby to get hurt

Baby walkers are actually designed to make it easier for babies to move while they are practicing walking. Even so, its use must continue to be considered so as not to cause injury to the baby. If the baby walker is still on the list of needs that must be prepared for your baby, try to reconsider. Babies may have accidents resulting in head injuries, broken bones, or died while using this tool. In certain countries, baby walkers are even banned Danger of Baby Walkers Experts have found that devices designed to help babies walk can actually risk slowing the motor development of babies who are practicing to sit, crawl, and walk. Even baby walkers are thought to make babies lazy to walk on their own. There is also research that reveals that this tool does not support the development of babies from any side. Infants who wear baby walkers are proven not to walk faster than those who do not use them at all. This could be because the pattern or coordination of the muscles that are trai

The Secret To Look Charming Even though You're Pregnant

During pregnancy, the body undergoes several physical changes such as swollen body weights or skin that may have problems. This might make you lose your confidence, which will eventually affect your appearance. But, you still can, it still looks charming even though you're in a double body. Most women may be stressed if they see the needle scale that continues to move towards the right. But in fact, it can not be avoided during pregnancy. Similarly, problems with the skin. Hormonal changes during pregnancy may trigger acne, itching, changes in skin tone, or the formation of stretch marks. Tips on Healthy and Beautiful Enchanting when Pregnant Even so, don't always blame the pregnancy so that you consider yourself unattractive. Change the mindset and try to do the tips below so you can go through pregnancy while still emitting an aura of beauty. Exercise Pregnancy should not be used as an excuse to be lazy. Let's move your body so you have more energy. Exercise d